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Answers to common frequently asked questions from your local Shepparton mechanic with decades of experience.

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Can you service my vehicle without voiding my new car warranty?
Yes. Changes in consumer laws in 2010 confirmed that you have the right to choose who services your vehicle. Servicing at Shepparton Autocare won’t void your new car warranty as we adhere to manufacturers guidelines and use approved parts and lubricants.

What happens if I have a warranty claim?
Manufacturer warranty repairs need to be carried out by the relevant dealership.

Will my warranty cover my vehicle service?
Most warranties won’t cover wear and tear of a vehicle and they don’t cover scheduled servicing. However, if it’s a new vehicle the warranty may cover vehicle faults and any damage that’s occurred as a result of the fault.

Do you do auto electrical work?
Yes.  We have Bosch trained highly skilled technicians. As all modern vehicles have many electrical components, we have some of the best specialist auto electrical equipment to enable complete and accurate diagnosis.

What vehicles do you service?
All cars, SUV’s and 4WD’s powered by petrol, diesel and electric/hybrid.

Why rotate your tyres and how often?
Tyre rotation should be done every vehicle service. The reason for this is to share the wear and tear equally on each tyre.

Will I know how much my car service or repair will cost me before I get the bill?
Yes, every time you get work done on your vehicle by Shepparton Autocare we’ll let you know what needs to be done and we’ll get your permission prior to carrying out the repairs.

Does that work really need to be done?
As Vic Roads authorised vehicle roadworthiness testers, we take pride in maintaining vehicles in a safe and roadworthy condition to keep you and your family as safe as possible whilst travelling in the vehicle. Saying this we will always communicate with you about any additional repairs that are required with costs so that you can make the decision about what work you wish to have carried out on the day.

What is the warranty on your car parts and services?
Parts are covered by a minimum of 12mths warranty depending on the part manufacturer.
Our workmanship is covered by 12mths warranty.



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